• Hobbes
    July 2012 - Current

    Coming Soon
    Hobbes is an internal tool for a company and is currently in development. It lets users send high volume email campaigns and track them in real time - with advanced reporting capabilities. It also lets users publish web pages, forms which can collect data and accept payments, with all sorts of analytics. I'm the tech lead responsible for development.
  • GigFunder.com
    May 2012

    GigFunder.com lets artists crowd-fund their tours. It features a Kickstarter style all-or-nothing funding model with pledge awards. It uses several APIs to intelligently compute tour costs to a city. I was a one man development team on this from idea to launch, in collaboration with Digital Cedar.
  • YourView.org.au
    February 2012

    YourView is an Australian critic site on issues effecting the general public. It lets people easily find out the key arguments bearing on most public issues, help decide which arguments are most significant and take a stand by voting and commenting. It uses a users and issues rating system to give weight to comments and votes.I was a one man development team on this from idea to launch, in collaboration with TrikeApps.
  • Hipstery.com
    October 2011

    Hipstery.com sells t-shirts based on 'mysterious' secret algorithms. Packers at Hipstery wanted to streamline their order processing workflow by building an intelligent inventory management system which would suggest t-shirts based on certain factors. I was responsible for the design and development of it.
  • LawGives.org
    August 2011

    LawGives.org is a platform to aid individuals and organizations in need of legal help find easy access to free and low-cost advice and understanding. I was responsible for building the Stackoverflow like Q&A features in it.
  • Floh.in
    May 2011

    Floh.in is an invitation only network of single people who enjoy an active lifestyle. Floh conducts high quality events which provides a no pressure platform for single to network, and learn something at the same time. Floh Facebook App is based on the Facebook Platform. I am responsible for the design and development.
  • Philanthroper.com
    January 2011

    Philanthroper.com is a daily deal site for philanthropies. We wanted to make the process of donating as streamlined as possible. I was responsible for the initial development of the application in colloboration with design firm UnitOneNine.
  • Boom CRM
    November 2010

    Boom CRM offers a comprehensive real estate solution that handles all aspects of a real estate sales business - appraisals and listings management, advertising, trust accounting. I was involved in the core backend development of the product.
  • Grab Websites
    November 2010

    Grab Websites lets Boom CRM clients setup real-estate websites based on their Boom CRM installation. Grab provides a template engine to setup company branded websites really quickly. Current installations include KB Real Estate, Coventry & Co. I am involved in the development of it in colloboration with designer Callum Flack.
  • YourHires
    May 2010

    YourHires enables small organizations to manage their recruitment processes. Our goal was to build a simple, elegant solution which would be flexible enough for most recruitment workflow styles. YourHires is Open Source. I was responsible for design and development from the ground up.